To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin

Cover of To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin. A fat girl, wearing jeans and an off-shoulder grey sweater. Looking super great.

I found out about this book trough Twitter and most recommendations I get trough Twitter are pretty good so I believed in this one. What I didn’t expect was just how much I was going to love this book! I loved every page and every character and I even loved the ending!

Content warnings for this book are: eating disorders (with hospital stay, this is not the MC!), fatphobia, losing a lot of weight/weight loss shows, emotional & psychological child abuse/neglect, panic attacks, mention of homophobia


February Plans

Normally this would be a February TBR but since the second semester of university starts again on the 4th, I’m not sure how much reading I will be able to get done. So instead of a TBR, I’m going to put some of my plans for reading, studying, show-watching and free-time here, out in the world so it might be easier to stick to them.

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January Wrap-Up

Everyone is always saying how long January lasts and I have to agree a bit. January felt long but it was a nice January for me so I didn’t mind. I celebrated my birthday this month and I feel like I have been more productive than the last few months so hopefully that’s a good omen for the rest of the year! But the end of a month also means a wrap-up, this time I thought I’d include a little more than just books.

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Summer Holiday 2018 book reviews

I still had three books to review from my holiday in August, yes from 5 months ago. Since it’s been so long, I can’t properly remember every detail so I decided I would do mini reviews of these books. I do want to tell you what I thought of them but just can’t do it in detail. So mini-reviews it is! Enjoy these mini-reviews (have I used it too often already?) of It Only Happens in the Movies, Open Road Summer and The Summer of Us.

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ARC review: Lovestruck

I first heard about this book on Twitter and it sounded right up my alley. I love Greek mythology and some starcrossed lovers. I immediately added it to my wishlist, planning on buying it once it was out. Then I came across it on Netgalley and when I actually got accepted I couldn’t wait to read it. I think I finished it in about 3 or 4 hours. That’s how much I loved it!

Content warnings for this book include: mentioned alcoholism and abuse, trauma, love triangles

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Till It Stops Beating

I requested this title on Netgalley because the synopsis sounded fun. I like requesting titles I wouldn’t normally pick up as soon so I can get a bit out of my comfort zone, sometimes this ends well and I end up finding a book I love. Sometimes… I hate the book. That is what happened here.

Content warnings for this book are: death, anxiety, LGBTQ issues (not handled well), cancer

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I had only ever read the first book of the Shades of Magic series and I wasn’t that wowed, so I never really gave any other books by VE Schwab a chance. A few weeks ago I was studying for an exam and I needed a break so I looked trough my ebooks and saw this one. I started reading it and within two days I had finished it, it was that good.

Content warning for this book are: death, violence, suicide, murder, swearing.

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